To the parents who raised my husband - THANK YOU!

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To the amazing parents who raised my husband – THANK YOU!


It’s been two weeks since our family expanded from three to four and it’s made me reflect on how lucky I am that I met your son. As he’s back at work today and the two beautiful babies we made together sleep peacefully at nap time, I’m overwelmed with gratitude for you.


It’s crazy to think I met your son almost 14 years ago now. I don’t think any of us could have imagined that we would be where we are today. How lucky are we? Especially me, for getting to have you as my village and your son as my partner in life.


Thank you for loving your son so much so that when the time came he’d know exactly how to love us. Your love has resulted in him being the greatest Dad in the whole world.


Thank you for showing him what a beautiful marriage looks like – one built to last like yours after 46 years.


Thanks for both being such great communicators and listeners. I know he learned this from you and it’s helped us a lot both in those crazy years of long distance and as we’ve barely had time to speak when we became new parents and balanced careers, dogs hobbies and businesses.


Thanks for showing him that it’s okay to let each other shine and to always find ways to help support the other, even forseeing needs before they are realised.

Thanks for teaching him how to do so many things himself - like laundry, cooking, cleaning and renovating our entire house. That was a treat I wasn’t expecting and it is very much appreciated!


Thanks for teaching him to work hard by your example and encouraging him to find a career he’s passionate about. It makes me weak at the knees seeing him smashing it!


Thanks for showing him what being a wonderful parent looks like by sacrificing so much of your time, love and resources to bring joy to our little family. And thank you for loving our kids so much!

When I look at your son, I see so much of you. Thank you!



Your daughter in law

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