10 Perfectly Imperfect Christmas Traditions


No one's perfect so why should Christmas be?

Here’s a list (that won’t be checked twice) of some different traditions you could incorporate into the big day. 

  1. Have a REAL Christmas tree. They always lean to one side, are never bushy enough and drop pine needles all over your carpet, but they do smell amazing!
  2. Act out a Christmas PLAY and assign each person in the family a special role or character. This won’t be scripted, will never go to plan and could take all night but it’s guaranteed lots of laughs.
  3. Do a reverse advent calendar and instead of getting something each day, GIVE something away each day.
  4. Sew your own stockings or Santa Sacks and personalise them with your names. Yes, they probably won't all be the same size and the stitching may be a little rough. You'll spend hours at the sewing machine and chances are they wont end up being any cheaper than store bought ones but they're far more SENTIMENTAL
  5. Write letters to Santa but instead of asking for things, THANK him for all the things you have already. You’ll be blown away by how generous Santa has been in previous years!

  6. MAKE your own decorations and ornaments. The handmade ornaments on our tree are my favourite, none of them match and on their own they look like items out of a lost and found box but each tell a story and a memory.

  7. SPEND TIME TOGETHER decorating a gingerbread house or singing and dancing to terrible Christmas playlists around the tree (check out Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Songs EVER on Spotify for starters). 

  8. PLAN a candy cane hunt and don’t worry if some get missed they keep for ages and won't leave bad odours behind the couch (unless peppermint is one of those). 

  9. Build a Christmas fort with fairy lights, snuggle under it and SHARE memories of past Christmases.

  10. Go and get a photo with Santa. If you have toddlers they will no doubt be a crying mess but the photo (if you’re lucky enough to get one) will capture the MOMENT perfectly.


"Imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective" - Anonymous.

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